Arfadia Best Video and Photography for Online Marketing by Digital Agency Jakarta, Indonesia

Best Video and Photography for Online Marketing by Digital Agency Jakarta, Indonesia

A visual appearance is the first thing that customers remember about a product or service. A visual advertisement that common to be used today is video and photo. It could transfer the message of a product in a second. An ordinary photographer might couldn’t handle this job; you should seek for a Digital Agency Jakarta, Indonesia. PT. Arfadia has the best videographer and photographer for making your company promotion.

Arfadia Video and Photography Service

Capturing a commercial video or photo isn’t same as others photo and video. It must be handled by an expert from Digital Agency Jakarta, Indonesia. Arfadia offers you both of videography and photography services for commercial. Even this services is available almost in every agency; ours is more unique and useful. Let’s see the differences below.

1.      The Photography for Commercial

A photo of product or service in your company is essential, especially if your company run in culinary or fashion field. Both of that field need an attractive visual to catch new customers attention. The photo that we capture isn’t only to be posted in the social media, but it suitable for the product catalogs too. We also can help you make the catalogs.

Arfadia - Commercial Photography

2.      The Promotion Video

Nowadays, the people spend most of their time to see youtube and Instagram. That’s is why online portal video being a potential way to promotions today. Milion people watch it more than they are watching television. Arfadia will help you to make a good commercial video that catches the attention of customers easily. Our videography team is experienced and always following the latest trends.

Arfadia Video Production Jakarta

That is about the unique videography and photography service that Arfadia Creative Agency Jakarta offers to you as our customers. Remember, visual impression comes first, so you should trusting the visual sight of your company the expert one, like the PT. Arfadia.

Arfadia Best Digital Agency In Indonesia

Arfadia: Leading Digital Agency in Indonesia

With years of experience, Arfadia has transformed in to a leading digital agency in Indonesia. The company’s services and reputation is unquestionable.

About the Digital Agency

Arfadia focuses on the Technology and Multimedia Business. Located in capital city of Jakarta, the company has attracted clients from various fields to create them websites. The company’s main services are all of things relate to information technology. Along with the growth of multimedia technology, the company has shaped itself into an agency that specializes in website design, web hosting, multimedia services, digital marketing campaign, website development, web based software, and much more. Due to its optimum services and well developed products, the digital agency has got certification of International Organization for Standard (ISO) and been awarded both nationally and internationally include Environmental Management System, Quality Management System, and Management System Occupational Health and Safety.

Arfadia Best Digital Agency Indonesia

The Digital Company’s Products

Arfadia provides its customers with various products include:

  1. Arfadia Intranet Portal (PIA) –

The product is especially designed for customers so they can get all they need about revolutionary product to improve their communication system. The product also enables the clients to deliver information more efficiently and effectively.

  1. Arfadia Education System (SIDIA) – |

This software is especially designed for students in Elementary School. By using the software, it is hoped that all of the students can learn their subjects in more practical and simpler ways. The software also makes it possible for the pupils to find and store the learning subjects they need.

  1. Project Management Tools

The company also comes with various project management tools to facilitate the clients. The project management tools provided include Module Feature for dashboard, MOM Online, Gantt Chart, MS Project, Integrated Daily Schedule, Daily Activity, Material Master, Report Man Power, Document Attachment and much more.

  1. Software for Village Administration (SODEA) –

The best information system solution for village governance for better public services.

  1. Online Store for Selling Props ATERA –

ATERA is a media that sells visual aids in education, health, and sport which is also a distributor and manufacturer for certain products.

  1. Social Media Ticketing and Monitoring System

Finding the Best Digital Agency Indonesia and Improve the Business Growth

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